Lifeline Adelaide is proud to announce Matt Lobbe, Port Adelaide Football Club ruckman, as an Ambassador for the service.

Matt is passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental health problems, becoming an Ambassador in 2016 to promote positive mental health, particularly in the workplace, and to help challenge negative stereotypes.

Having seen the impact of mental health issues within his family, Matt is well aware of the need to bring difficult conversations out into the open and encourage people to speak safely about their experiences.

‘If I injure myself on the footy field – say, I hurt my knee or my shoulder – people understand that. I’ll seek medical help and get some support from those around me to get back on my feet,’ he says.

‘But it’s not always the same with mental health problems. The conversation is changing as there is more awareness around the issue but, even still, there can be a lot of stigma attached to admitting that you’re struggling and need help.

‘I hope that through working closely with Lifeline Adelaide, I can do something to help change this. People with mental health difficulties should be able to feel that they can speak up and be supported by friends and colleagues rather than judged negatively.’

Matt was the Power’s top draft pick in 2007, recruited from the Eastern Ranges team in Victoria. He moved to Adelaide as an 18-year-old and has also completed a Bachelor of Business during his time in the city.