Workplace Training

"I attended Lifeline Adelaide’s Accidental Counsellor training and found the workshop to be practical and the trainer to be very knowledgeable and approachable."

Leanne R

"A number of colleagues commented that they were in a far better position to face challenging circumstances after they had attended a Lifeline Adelaide suicide prevention workshop."

Vivienne D, UniSA

Our training programs build community skills and educate people to be suicide safe.

Lifeline Adelaide offers a range of training programs based on the development of mental health awareness and skills. By choosing a Lifeline Adelaide training program you benefit from our experience and expertise, built on decades of delivery as a leading provider in the mental health sector.​

Build resilience in your organisation

There is increasing demand from Australian organisations to deliver training that builds the resilience of their employees. By focusing on mental health and wellbeing you will be able to attract and retain top talent while helping your workforce to be more productive. At Lifeline we regularly receive requests from employers to partner with them and help build this resilience.

Our library of programs is building, and most courses can be delivered virtually

Our facilitators are skilled in virtual and face to face course delivery, providing an interactive and thought-provoking learning experience


Our eLearning programs are designed to reflect adult learning principles and make use of contemporary digital design to ensure the online learning experience is engaging and effective

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.

Why Lifeline Adelaide training?

Lifeline has been providing non-clinical training for over 50 years, to our team of crisis supporters as well as to communities and companies around Australia. Through our research, crisis support, and community work, we understand the issues around mental health and keep up to date with best practice.

By choosing a Lifeline training program you benefit from our experience and expertise, built on decades of delivery as a leading provider in the mental health sector.

We are a leading provider of crisis support, mental health and suicide prevention programs in Australia

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Our approach is evidence informed


Our courses are developed by trainers and subject matter experts

Our courses are continuously improved

We deliver best practice programs delivered nationally by qualified and experienced Lifeline trainers

Accidental Counsellor

If you find yourself in a counselling role by accident, our workshop can provide practical and effective skills to respond to and support others when they’re angry, distressed or experiencing a challenging time.​

Our Accidental Counsellor workshop provides practical and effective skills to step into the shoes of a counsellor and be prepared to respond to and support others when they’re angry, distressed or experiencing a challenging time.​

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST)​

Everyone can make a difference in preventing suicide. ASIST is a two-day, interactive workshop that prepares caregivers to provide suicide life-assisting, first-aid intervention.​

This comprehensive training provides the knowledge and skills to recognise when someone may be at risk of suicide. You will learn how to respond in ways that help increase someone’s immediate safety and refer them to appropriate help. The training will help you understand how to apply suicide first aid with family, friends, co-workers and team-mates, and in formal care-giving roles.​


If you are a frontline worker, our nationally accredited DV-aware workshops provide a safe space for you to learn how to recognise and respond confidently to those in crisis.

This 2-hour workshop is an introduction to understanding domestic and family violence.

Managing Challenging Interactions

Dealing with the public in front-line positions or in regular contact with other organisations, this workshop will equip you to deal with confronting or challenging situations.

The Managing Challenging Interactions workshop provides you with the skills and knowledge to respond to people who are displaying challenging behaviour, such as distress, anger or talking about the possibility of harming themselves or someone else.​

​The interactive training components provide many opportunities for group discussion, activities and practising new skills. The course can also be tailored to the specific needs of participants if you would like the workshop presented to your team.​

Mental Health Aware

In the workplace, you may encounter customers with mental health conditions. Not knowing how to respond can cause significant worry or even fear. ​

This awareness training is designed to enable you to ‘recognise, respond, and refer’ when working with someone who has a mental health condition. When you attend the Mental Health Aware workshop you will learn to recognise and respond appropriately to common mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder and psychosis. A module on self-care is included to ensure that your own wellbeing is not forgotten, and we can provide strategies for you to prioritise your own mental health.

Suicide Protect

Suicide Protect is an introduction to the topic of suicide awareness. You will learn about overcoming barriers to connecting with someone who may be struggling, in order to link them to appropriate support.

You will build skills to help you recognise people in distress and gain confidence in your ability to reach out to assist someone to safety. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone 18 years or older may attend any of these courses, with the exception of our Mental Health Aware course which has no minimum age requirement.

  • ASIST - 15 hours over two consecutive days

  • Accidental Counsellor - A total of 5 hours. Participants complete a 1.5 hour online e-learning module in their own time prior to the group session. Participants then attend a scheduled 3.5-hour group session

  • Managing Challenging Interactions - 4 hours

  • Mental Health Aware - 3.5 hours

  • DV-Aware - 2 hours

  • Suicide Protect - 3.5 hours

Yes, for most courses, virtual workshops are scheduled throughout the year, alternatively we can organise a virtual workshop at your workplace. However, due to the sensitive nature of the content of ASIST, this workshop is only available face-to-face. 

Yes, our trainers can tailor features of the ASIST, Accidental Counsellor, Managing Challenging Interactions and Mental Health Aware workshops. For example, role-playing scenarios to meet specific needs of participants and/or business requirements.

Yes, ASIST and Accidental Counsellor can be booked exclusively for your employees. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.